Jpop Links

Here we present some good jpop related sites. Some of them has helped us constructing our karaoke files. Thank you for all of them!

Japan Lyrics - This is probably the most complete jpop lyric site that you may find in the net. Enjoy it! Maybe someday we could have so many karaoke files as they have lyrics? Also, maybe we could have so many contributions as they have? Someday....

Bonsai Jpop Search Engine
- Maybe you'll find what you're looking for?

Music Robot
- Midi search engine. Maybe you'll find a future st3 to post here.

Computer Music Center Search Engine - A Midi search engine (japanese only).

Namie-chan homepage - A page dedicated to Namie Amuro. Made by Shoiti, the Namiac.

SHAK's HomePage - Home Page dedicated to Midis, JPop, ST3, Gif, Jpg, Searchers, downloads, etc... (portuguese only). SHAK's is the newest colaborator of J-Pop Karaoke.

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